Excerpts from the Fall Conference

03 Oct

My first day of October 2011 began with a mountain top experience. My bride and I attended the Omaha Bible Church Fall Family Conference. The conference guest speaker this year was was the theological giant Dr. Bruce Ware. The theme of the conference was:

The Greatness and Grandeur of God.

The conference was broken into three sessions:

Beholding the God of Merciful Holiness

Beholding the God of Redemptive-Covenantal  Love

Behold the God of Sovereign Supremacy

Below are some notes from the first session. The primary scriptural test is Isaiah 6.

In order to love God we need to know him rightly. Is. 57:15

Isaiah 6:1-5

In a time of great uncertainty (King Uzziah’s death) I saw the Lord.

The throne lofty and exalted –  the supremacy of God above all things.

The train of his robe filled the temple. – Immanent glory.

The seraphim cover their faces. Acknowledgement of their relationship before a holy God. Creature to Creator.

Holy, holy, holy – The grand uniqueness of the Lord. Holy = set apart x 3

The worship of God by the seraphim shook the foundations of the temple. Rock concert decibels magnified.

The smoke filled house – the ultimate purification.

A man of unclean lips. I am ruined. – Only by seeing the holiness of God do we see the filthiness of our sin.

Our mouth betrays what is in our hearts.

A “but God” moment. Grace is given in the form of the seraphim touching Isaiah’s lips with the coal for purification.

Isaiah is then called into service for the Lord. Willing service flows out of the knowledge of God.

The audio from the conference with Bruce Ware is now available on my Conferences page and can also be linked here.

Soli Deo Gloria!!


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