Our Great Salvation

Assistant Pastor of Omaha Bible Church

Erik was born and raised in Massachusetts and moved to Omaha while in the Air Force in 1995. It was through a faithful co-worker that God brought the gospel to him in 1996. Before coming on staff, Erik served as a pastoral intern at OBC from 2002-2005. Erik is a 2002 graduate of Grace University in Omaha.

Erik is married to Christie and the two of them enjoy life and ministry in Omaha along with their four children, Bryce, Luke, Alaynah, & Alexis.

Erik leads the Crossroads ministry at OBC. Crossroads is a group of college and career aged men and women committed to growing in their knowledge of and affection for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Erik is also the author of a daily web log dedicated to the promotion and defense of the glory of God.

In addition to his ministry at Omaha Bible Church, Erik enjoys frequent opportunities teaching and preaching at churches, schools, as well as various youth, college and adult retreats. If you are interested in having Erik speak at your church, conference, school, or retreat please contact him by calling the church offices at 402.573.1897.

It is Erik’s passion to proclaim the grace of God in Christ to all individuals, “We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ” (Col. 1.28).

For your encouragement, edification and to the glory of Christ, I have provided the audio links to some of my favorite sermons below. You can also here for more audio messages given by Erik at Omaha Bible Church.


Our Great Salvation, Part1; Identity

Our Great Salvation, Part 2; Certainty

Our Great Salvation, Part 3; Rejoicing

Our Great Salvation, Part 4; Marvelous

Our Great Salvation, Part 5; Reaction


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