Keeping Our Priorities Straight, 10 Priorities for the believer

Patrick AbendrothSenior Pastor of Omaha Bible Church

Pat is originally from Omaha and is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. It was during his time at UNL that Pat became a Christian. After earning his Masters degree from the Master’s Seminary in Southern California and serving in two college pastorates, Pat came to Omaha Bible Church as Senior Pastor. Pat and his wife Molly met at UNL and were married in 1991. They have four children, Jonathan, Natalie, Alexandra, and Josiah.

Beyond his dynamic expository preaching ministry at Omaha Bible Church, the Lord has seen fit to use Pat through the radio ministry of Truth Matters, seminary lecturing, and speaking at various conferences in the U.S. and abroad. Pat is also the author of The Truth About Water Baptism.

On the lighter side, Pat is passionate about wakeboarding, motocross, and cruising the open road on his motorcycle.

The motivating factor in Pat’s life is: “To glorify Christ by proclaiming His most precious truth. I live for it!”

If you are interested in having Pat Abendroth speak at your church, conference, school, or retreat please contact him by calling the church offices at 402.573.1897. Many of Pat’s sermons are available to be heard online. You may also enjoy subscribing to the OBC podcast in iTunes.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 


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