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My playlist

One of the favorite things to occupy my time is to listen to music. I have created many playlists over the years. Some are still around and some have gone to the recycle bin. Today I am going to share some of my favorite songs from some of my current playlists. Most of the songs are from recently released albums. I like to stay in touch with what is currently playing in the ears and on the iPods of today.

In order to share my playlist I will be using an application called Dropbox. This application will allow me to create web links from the individual mp3 files so I can post them in this blog. I also use this application to easily move and share files between my smart phone and my computer. If you haven’t heard of it or seen it in action, signup, and download. It’s free!

Now the playlist:

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Oh be careful little ears ….

The post heading is from a children’s song we used to sing in Sunday School. If you are not familiar with it you can wearing-headphoneslearn about it here. The song teaches children basic Christian discernment while also teaching them anatomy by pointing to the parts of their body they need to be careful with, such as ears, eyes, and mind. As I was thinking about the words to the song, it occurred to me just how deep they really go. We are to be careful with what we hear, see, think about and so forth. But do we carry it too far, or not far enough?

I was prompted theologically to write this post based on some past comments presented on this blog. I have also petitioned some of my fellow bloggers and church elders concerning this subject matter. Since I write about music as much as anything else culturally on this blog, I will focus on that medium in this post. In past discussions I have participated in with other Christians concerning the secular medium of connecting culturally, the basis of  discernment has surrounded Philippians 4:8.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.(ESV)

But are we using this verse correctly? We have a tendency as Christians to want to create a list of dos and don’ts. Much like filling in the gray area not covered by the Ten Commandments. Like a fellow believing blogger, I would say the scope of this verse and context is much broader. Is Paul instructing us to only consume the medium labeled “Christian” as many folks have thought? Should we not watch sporting events like football of hockey then? Should we only listen to hymns and Contemporary Christian music? Should we only read Christian publications? I don’t think Paul is instructing us this way. I believe, as do many others I petitioned, that Phil. 4:8 is more of a list of exhortations rather than a list of things to avoid. But there are other passages in scripture that do deal with what we consume.

1 Corinthians 6:12 tells us:

All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything.(ESV)

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August Rush

Our family just finished watching the most incredible movie tonight. Netflix, our movie rental place delivered it to august_rush_ver6our mailbox today. All of us have been waiting for this one to arrive so we plopped it right in. Sorry for the commercial. The movie is “August Rush“. It is not my typical genre, but it is going to be one of my all time favorites. Usually the movies I like have to be filled with adrenaline and good dose of testosterone. But this movie appealed dramatically to my passion for music. If you haven’t seen it, I would definitely recommend. It is rated PG and would appeal to all family members. It is sure to be in our DVD library soon. I have provided one my favorite scenes for the movie. My favorite scene is the ending but I won’t spoil that for you. Check out the short clip below.


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Jonathan Edwards on music

Jonathan EdwardsNow it’s time for a quote from:

Jonathan Edwards:

The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.

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An evening with Roger Waters

Roger Waters


Tonight my son Sean and I went to see Roger Waters in concert at the Qwest Center in Omaha. If you do not know who Roger Waters is, he is one of the original members of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd. Sean is the one who purchased the two tickets (they were $99 apiece) a couple of months ago, and asked Dad (me) to go with him. I obliged. (Woo Hoo!) This might be kind of funny to most of you especially knowing that he is only 19, that he likes Pink Floyd. But it is not so funny or odd to his mom and I any longer. You see, he likes the music we grew up listening to. Which is good and bad, if you know what I mean. Anyway back to the concert tonight.

For the most part I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Waters started with “In The Flesh” and ended with “Comfortably Numb” both from the album “The Wall”. In between were two sets split by a 15 minute intermission break. The first set was a mixture of Waters solo material and old Pink Floyd classics like “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, “Have A Cigar”, and “Wish You Were Here”, all from the album “Wish You Were Here”. He did one of my favorite Floyd songs “Sheep” from the “Animals” album. For this one they brought out a large, inflatable pig, all tattooed with anti-government graffiti. The second set was composed of the complete music from the ever popular “Dark Side of the Moon” album in sequence as it appears on the album. This was such a treat to witness. My son was beside himself. He mentioned later that he felt like he was participating in a part of history. Some of us old school Pink Floyd fans probably noticed the video they played with the song “Money” was a record album with the original “Dark Side..” record label and the phonograph needle playing the first song which is where it exists on the vinyl album.

I am only going to mention one negative side to the concert. Roger Waters like so many of his music artist peers used his artist platform to push a political agenda. He presented some Bush bashing messages throughout the show, on the giant screen, and on the inflatable pig. He used some profane words to try and get his political point across and that was a turn off.

The concert as a whole was very enjoyable. Except for the profanity used in his political messages, Rogers was a class act. He seemed sincere in his thanks to the crowd’s applause after each song. He also expressed sincere gratitude for the resounding call for encore from the Omaha faithful. Sean hoped he would do some songs from “The Wall” and he was pleasantly satisfied with “Another Brick In The Wall”, and “Comfortably Numb”. Waters’ band performed very well behind him. The lead guitar player who played a Fender Telecaster guitar most of the evening was excellent. If you had your eyes closed you could imagine the same licks and riffs being played by original Floyd member David Gilmour.

Rock On!


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New widget logo

I am playing with some functionality with WordPress. I have created a new Share Box widget. It is located down the right column right after my Blog Stats. I have included some songs that I like and will share with you. The first tune is Wind In My Sails by Spoken. Spoken is one of my favorite heavier Christian bands. They get a lot of video circulation on TVU, the Christian 24 hour music video channel. The next tune is Sweet Euphoria by Chris Cornell. Chris Cornell is well known for his powerful lead vocals with Audioslave, formally with Temple of the Dog, and the more popular Soundgarden. The last song in the list, at least for now is a new song by Third Day called Cry Out To Jesus. This is an excellent song by them and if you are a fan you will thoroughly love it. In order to use these songs on your site, all you need to do is follow the directions in the box. It will provide you with HTML code to embed into your web site or blog site.

Rock On!


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Music to my ears

I haven’t posted anything for awhile so I will talk about a rock band that I am just now getting into, Dream Theater. They have been around since the early 90’s and are still recording today. Their music is characterized as progressive metal. They appeal to my sense of music like that of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I am posting a link to one of their tracks from the album Images And words. The clip is called Surrounded. Click on the album cover to the right. Enjoy!
Update 1/14/06 – I have since learned about music licenses and I have changed the link to be a clip of the same song. Sorry Mom, you should be able to play it now and maybe this album cover is not as scary as the Scenes From A Memory cover.

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