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Kill Me Heal Me

One of my favorite songs to workout to is by a rock band called Skillet. The song is called “Kill Me Heal Me”. The song is about the power of Christ killing our old man or our old self, but healing us by saturating us with Christ’s spirit. The song is reflective as I continue to replace my old self with the new mind set of eating the right foods and exercising to increase my energy and burn off my old self. The amazing thing is that God is even in control of this physical transformation in me as He is in control of my spiritual transformation. I would like to share some of appropriate verse lyrics from the song.

Break my bones and reset me
Piece by piece you break me
Pick up the cross ’cause it’s killing time
How can I scream when the pain is
Such a release I get the courage
To pick up the nails ’cause it’s killing time

Breathing your love
You’re ferocious
You’re in my lungs
Craving your electricity
Feet to my pain you give
Wings to my fear your peace
Inhabits my blood
Your love is thick

As of my last weigh-in I have lost a total of 31.5 lbs. My waist line has been reduced by 4 inches. My energy levels are amazing, my blood pressure is always in the normal range, and endurance continues to increase. I am able to bend over and tie my shoes without straining. I am able to climb stairs anywhere I go and not be out of breath. I actually prefer to walk the stairs instead of the riding the elevator. It is all part of the transformation of my new lifestyle.

Check out the music with lyrics below.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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Another brick

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve posted any updates. As of  (Tuesday 11.15 (my last weigh-in during class)  I have lost a total of 25.1 lbs. That is another brick in weight since my previous posting. My clothes are starting to fit me differently now. I have dropped at least one pants size in the waist. I am praising God for giving me the funds, courage and strength to continue this program. I have also purchased some resistance bands for added strength training and a EA Sports Active 2 game program for the Wii game console. This will be a nice addition to our variety of exercises. My bride has begun to use the new game program as well. See inserted picture for a glance of our new fitness tools.

Soli Deo Gloria!


This afternoon I went down to the basement where my skinnier clothes are stored and tried on some 40″ waist jeans. Fit!! Win!! I have dropped nearly two full waist sizes.

To God goes the glory!

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Four bricks

I am very happy to report that as of last night’s weigh-in before class I have dropped another 4.4 lbs for the week. That is a total of 20.2 lbs of my former self since I began the HMR program. In order to draw a comparison for this loss I searched the Internet for a picture of 20 lbs of fat. I was looking for fat because fat is basically what I am losing because I am also working out and exercising. In my search I have found the image attached to this article. The image shows a comparison of 5 lbs. of fat to the weight of a regular sized brick. Using this comparison I can conclude that I have lost four bricks worth of weight. I think the image of the fat is a little more impressive. It is much larger in size. By exercising consistently I am hopeful to replace the fat I am losing with muscle, which will burn calories more effectively.

In related news:

Earlier this week I had my annual physical and my doctor has taken me off of one of the two hypertension medications I’m taking. He also told me that by achieving my goal of under 200 lbs, I should be able to completely come off of all the medication. Praise the Lord & Woo Hoo!!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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