Leadership Matters

Byron casualSenior Pastor of Community Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee

Byron was raised in the deep south–Mississippi to be exact. Through the faithful witness of his newly converted parents, he came to Christ as a teenager. God’s grace transformed Byron’s life. What was once an aimless, hopeless, rebellious teenager became a monument of God’s mercy and love.

After his conversion, Byron was mentored and discipled by some faithful men who endowed him with a love for the local church, a commitment to a reformed faith, and a passion for the Gospel. He became a permanent fixture in the ministries of the church body. From the very beginning of his walk, he had a burning desire to make God’s Word known to His people. Byron would still tell you today that “being there when God works in a heart” is the greatest thrill of his life.

Before long, church leaders began to recognize God’s hand in Byron’s life. With their guidance and encouragement, he pursued training for the ministry, and graduated from the Master’s Seminary in 1996. Right out of school, he took an associate pastor position at a Bible Church in Texas. As God would have it, one of his main responsibilities in that Church was Men’s Ministry. This emphasis would radically change Byron’s perspective on ministry and the local church. Men’s ministry, he soon discovered, is not just another ministry the church provides, but is central to the church’s mission (2 Timothy 2:2). Ever since that time, Byron has been discipling leaders in the church as he seeks to bless others with the same experiences which shaped his own life in Christ. His aim is to multiply himself in other men like the church depends upon it.

Byron and his wife Robin grew up down the street from each other. They were high school sweethearts and had the special blessing of coming to faith during the same period of their lives. Their marriage has been about the Gospel from the very beginning. They have three children; Lauren (10), Wade (8) and Blake (4). Byron and Robin came to Community Bible Church in early 2001. Over the last six years, they have seen the church flourish under a continuing commitment to expository preaching.

Today, the same basic commitments still guide everything Byron does in his ministry. The tremendous pressure on today’s pastor to stay “relevant” leads many to adopt whatever technique is the latest evangelical fad. Byron’s heart is to stay basic and true to the Gospel. In his own words, “The most relevant aspect of our message will never make sense to the world. The Cross is an offensive thing. The Cross is the only thing.”

“For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2:2).

For your encouragement, edification and to the glory of Christ, I have provided the audio links to some of my favorite sermons below.

Leadership Matters

Leadership Matters – Biblical Discipling


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