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The Blood Tells It All

My lab work is in! Before I give the details let me, tell about my blood draw experiences. The first blood draw as part of my weight management program for me was about 3 months ago. The nurse had a difficult time finding a good vein and had to stick me a couple of times before the blood would flow into her vial. When she went to draw my blood a few days ago she had no difficulty finding a good vein to stick. She said this was due to my weight loss and my healthy water consumption. Just another benefit of getting healthier. Now for the lab results.

Lab results from program start on 9/21/2011:

Test Value Units Ref. Range
Cholesterol  215 mg/dL 120-200
Triglyceride I  251 mg/dL <=149
HDL I   49 mg/dL 40-60
VLDL Calc   50 mg/dL <=30
LDL Calc I  116 mg/dL <=99
Chol/HDL Ratio I      4.4 Ratio <=5.0
LDL/HDL Ratio I      2.4 Ratio <=3.6
Non-HDL Chol. I  166 mg/dL

Lab results at end of Phase I on 12.14.2011:

Test Value Units Ref. Range
Cholesterol 122 mg/dL 120-200
Triglyceride I   81 mg/dL <=149
HDL I   55 mg/dL 40-60
VLDL Calc   16 mg/dL <=30
LDL Calc I   51 mg/dL <=99
Chol/HDL Ratio I     2.2 Ratio <=5.0
LDL/HDL Ratio I       .9 Ratio <=3.6
Non-HDL Chol. I   67 mg/dL

LDL/HDL Ratio legend for risk of developing coronary heart disease for Men:

Up to 1.0 Low Risk
1.1 to 3.6 Average Risk
3.7 to 6.3 Above Avg Risk
6.4 to 8.0 High Risk

Last night I weighed in at 248.7 lbs. which is down 3.9 lbs. from the previous week, and means a total loss from beginning of 46 lbs. I had set a personal goal to break the 250 lb. barrier before Christmas. Goal achieved!!

All to the glory of God!

Soli Deo Gloria!!


Four bricks

I am very happy to report that as of last night’s weigh-in before class I have dropped another 4.4 lbs for the week. That is a total of 20.2 lbs of my former self since I began the HMR program. In order to draw a comparison for this loss I searched the Internet for a picture of 20 lbs of fat. I was looking for fat because fat is basically what I am losing because I am also working out and exercising. In my search I have found the image attached to this article. The image shows a comparison of 5 lbs. of fat to the weight of a regular sized brick. Using this comparison I can conclude that I have lost four bricks worth of weight. I think the image of the fat is a little more impressive. It is much larger in size. By exercising consistently I am hopeful to replace the fat I am losing with muscle, which will burn calories more effectively.

In related news:

Earlier this week I had my annual physical and my doctor has taken me off of one of the two hypertension medications I’m taking. He also told me that by achieving my goal of under 200 lbs, I should be able to completely come off of all the medication. Praise the Lord & Woo Hoo!!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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