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You Say It’s Your Birthday? It’s His Birthday Too, Yeah!

Hi there! Reallyrobins here. I have hijacked barrydean4christ in order to bring this important message!


I’m just saying…

I now return control back to Barry.


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Geeks and Romans

I don’t usually blog about work but I wanted to write about something God has orchestrated in my professional life. I work as a technical consultant for a local consulting firm here in Omaha. Just a couple of months ago I was doing a gig for one of our clients who is located in the heart of of downtown Omaha. I was traveling over an hour each way to do this gig. I also found myself doing basically the same kind of analyst work I’ve been doing for the past several years which is fine, but the travel each day was a killer. To shorten a somewhat long story I would just like to say that God ended that contract. He has also put me onto a project with some other consultants in our firm. I am only traveling half the distance for work and I am working with a dear friend who is a Christ follower, and with some other folks who have professional skills I dearly want to learn. The project will last a couple of years and I will be getting some wonderful hands on experience using development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005 Database, and C# (Sharp).Net. Included with these tools I will be learning about Reporting Services in the .Net framework, LINQ which stands for Language Integrated Query which is used to easily hook queried data from a database into your code, and AJAX which is a group of interrelated techniques used for creating interactive web applications. With these techniques you can retrieve data from the web server in the background without interfering with the behavior of the existing web page. Needless to say I am extremely excited. I am giving all the glory to God. Ok, enough of the geeks stuff, now for some Romans.

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What next, the golden dome at Notre Dame?

Today, it was announced by the London Daily Sunday Times that the famous and iconic clock Big Ben would be going digital. Not only would it be going digital, it would also be featuring advertisements. “This is an effort to bring the historic land mark up to the contemporary times”, said Ian McFane, with the British Travel Ministry of London and Buckingham. He also went on to say that “the advertisements were an effort to bring in revenue for the faltering British economy.” I have to imagine what the Old English gents in London think about using this once historical and traditional center piece of the old city for this means.

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