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What next, the golden dome at Notre Dame?

Today, it was announced by the London Daily Sunday Times that the famous and iconic clock Big Ben would be going digital. Not only would it be going digital, it would also be featuring advertisements. “This is an effort to bring the historic land mark up to the contemporary times”, said Ian McFane, with the British Travel Ministry of London and Buckingham. He also went on to say that “the advertisements were an effort to bring in revenue for the faltering British economy.” I have to imagine what the Old English gents in London think about using this once historical and traditional center piece of the old city for this means.

ht – Post at ReallyRobins. Happy August 1st.


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April Fool’s Day

Have you ever been at the butt end of a practical joke? Today is the day most practical jokes occur. Happy April Fool’s Day! Most times it is fun to be the practical joker, and even less fun to be the joke’s recipient. But almost all of the time it is fun to be the indirect observer of a practical joke. For this reason I present the following picture.

Hey! Who called for this photo op?


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