Back in the saddle again

17 Oct

The new job is very interesting and I am very excited to be doing geek work again. I am working on projects for the back office systems for the World’s Foremost Outfitter. I know something about the retail business having worked for Walmart in one of their retail stores a few years ago. So this is going to interesting to see how things work in the business behind the scenes so to speak. I have met some nice people already. Some of them I have worked with before and some I am meeting for the first time. They have already invited me to apply for an open position as a full time employee but I am not in a hurry to jump out of the consulting game yet. I have only just begun so to speak. Being here as a consultant gives me an opportunity to be inside and see how the company treats its employees and not actually be one. The only benefit I see so far for being an employee is that employees get a merchandise discount while contractors do not.
We had our church family conference this weekend with Kris Lundgaard. It was great. Kris was very good at explaining his ideas from his book “The Enemy Within” and he expanded on it quite a bit. The enemy we are constantly fighting against is our flesh. The spirit of God within the believer is always opposed to the flesh because the flesh which is related to the human fall rebels against God and righteousness. Kris expanded on his book by talking about another weapon against the flesh (enemy). This weapon is remembering the love of God for us. Remembering that God loves us so much that God the son was willing to come in flesh, suffer, and die in order to redeem His chosen from death. What a love.
On another sidebar I have started reading Steve Camp’s (yep the contemporary Christian artist) blog again. Man is he ever in the reformer camp (pun unintended). He wrote recently in his blog about contextualizing the Gospel. (I wonder if he recently attended the Desiring God conference) He argued using Charles Spurgeon as an example of someone who was not burdened to contextualize the Gospel but to proclaim it. Steve has had some very heated discussions as comments to his postings and they are definitely worth the read. I would love to have Steve come to our church and do a conference. I will be talking to the elders to see if this can be accomplished. Steve Camp’s blog can be found at the link below.

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