God created them male and female

21 Oct

I have been listening to all kinds of messages and books lately. I did when I was traveling in order to sell insurance and even now the habit has continued while commuting back and forth to Lincoln. My Zen MP3 player is my companion. I podcast the Albert Mohler Show and yesterday the topic was about two school systems in the US who have allowed for, now get this, transgendered kindergarteners. A school system in Broward County Florida and one in Oakland, CA are the concerned systems. For Broward County schools this is quite a new thing but they are still allowing a five year old boy to enter the school system as a girl. In Oakland this is not so new. An elementary school has bathrooms for boys and girls and a unisex bathroom. Go to Albert Mohler to read more.
So last night in our Care Group’s study in Genesis chapter 1 we read about the original plan for boys and girls, actually man and woman. In verse 27 we read that God created man in His own image and He created him; male and female. That’s it. We should celebrate this. We should be glorifying God for this. He did not create another gender. The world is trying to create another gender. This is another example of the world’s rebellion against God. The world continues to shake it’s fist and say to God, “I don’t care how you made us, we are going to do it our own way”. I told my daughter last night that in the not too distant future you are going to see unisex or transgendered public bathrooms showing up more and more. As my wife would say concerning the world…”to hell in a handcart”.
Anyone else’s thoughts?

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Posted by on October 21, 2006 in Christian News


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