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Another Puritan quote

“Will you trust your five senses above the four Gospels?” – Thomas Adams

This is such a great quote. There are so many folks in the evangelical world who place a high value on experiences. Now the problem arises when those experiences are given a higher priority than scripture or the gospel of Christ. We will all agree that we experience God’s grace and mercy. We experience the joy that can only be provided by God. But these experiences are should never be valued above the gospel or pursued above the gospel. In my opinion, and the opinion among many serious theologians that this is what is wrong with the charismatic movement. The experience is placed in a higher spiritual plane than the basic Gospel of Christ. For we know that our human hearts are wicked and can deceive us. We must weigh everything our senses encounter with the truth of the Gospels. If we trust in the Gospels, and live the answer to the above question with an emphatic no, our path will remain straight, and our theology will remain true.

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