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Was Jesus just a martyr? Atonement and Hope (part 1)

As we begin to approach the time of the year western civilization uses to celebrate Easter, my mind begins to meditate on the sacrifice of God’s one and only son. What exactly was accomplished with that sacrifice? Many modern day theologians assert that Jesus did nothing more than die a martyr’s death for the poor and the destitute. They argue that His death was more a political act than a spiritual one. When Christians use the phrase “Jesus died for you”, is that all that happened on the cross? Would folks understand that because of our sin he had to die? Jesus atoned for the sins of those who would believe. As believers we should greatly rejoice in His death. Without the death of the one perfect man Jesus Christ, humanity would have no hope of being reconciled to God, and man would receive his just reward in hell for his sin. In the coming weeks I want to write about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as we go into the Easter season. As I conclude this posting I will offer somewhat of a secular world view of the Jesus the Martyr. One of my favorite bands to come out of the Seattle grunge invasion is Soundgarden and below is a video of one of their songs “Jesus Christ Pose”. It’s a song about celebrities and their use of martyrdom symbolism to attract and make some sort of statement. Some of the images may offend. They use some abstract depictions of the cross.