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Prayer priorities

This morning Pastor Pat delivered a wonderful message from the Lord about the priorities of praying. He started by asking a couple of thought provoking questions.

When you are praying for another believer what do you pray for the most?

If you wanted someone to pray for you what would be at the top of your list?

What is the most important thing in your life? Is it your job, family, or your health, etc?

He had us turn to Colossians 1:9-14 in the bible and there we found that we should be making a priority of praying for spiritual growth or maturity in our prayer life.

Like every good expositional preacher he proceeded to outline at least two components in this prayer priority from the Colossians passage.

1. Believers should be increasing in the knowledge of God’s will.

2. Believers should be increasing in their spiritual action or fruit bearing.

We were given other sub-points under each of these but I won’t go into those here. You can listen to it for yourself online. I will provide the link at the end of the post and add it to the sermon page. The gist of this prayer priority is that if we are to be praying for the increased knowledge of God’s will. Then we will also begin to understand more about God and increase in wisdom. Not just the appearance of wisdom as mentioned in Colossians 2:23. But basically becoming better theologians. Knowing and understanding God will also cause our actions to be right actions. Our walk will be worthy of the Lord and bear much fruit.

The bottom line is this:

If we are praying for spiritual growth for one another our actions will be God honoring actions, bear fruit and strengthen us to be steadfast in any circumstance God would allow in our life. So when we pray for each other, the number one thing should be that we pray for is spiritual growth. If anyone asks how they can be praying for you say; that I may grow or mature in the knowledge of God’s will. Pray with this new priority in mind. I will for you.

Prayer Priorities