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Music Review Tuesday – Def Leppard

Last week I surprised myself and reviewed an album from a band I thought had long been relegated to touring outside the United States or doing the casino or state fair circuit within. The band was Whitesnake and to my surprise I found a quality product. This is the case with today’s band as well. When I heard that this band was coming to Omaha, and performing at the Quest Center no less, I couldn’t believe it. Another metal glam band who dominated the eighties and early ninties, selling over 65 million albums worldwide. The band who has had more than it’s share of tragedy and yet has incredible staying power. When some bands would have given up and just moved on, these guys re-grouped and made adjustments. I writing about the band noted for making tattered, hole riddled, jeans popular for many years to come. The band named for an audio challenged big cat, Def Leppard. The Leppards have been making some good music of late. I loved the album Yeah released in 2006. The album contained all UK glammer band covers. Songs that pay homeage to bands from their childhood. My favorite song on the album was the T.Rex cover “Rock On”. They also did a great job covering Rod Stewart and the Small Faces “Stay With Me”.

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