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The Sovereignty of God and The Last Revival at Geneva

Today I listened to a wonderful sermon by the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice. The sermon is posted here at the bottom of the page. If you read the accompanying personal story written by Pastor Barry York, you will be blessed as well. I found the Gentle Reformation blog posting via the Challies feed in My Feedly. You just gotta love technology.

As I listened to Kokomo Krusade story by Dr. Boice, and as he expounded on the Romans 11, Dr. Boice mentions and emphatically recommends a commentary of Romans by Robert Haldane. This is a recommendation I could not help but research. What I found is, this Romans commentary comes highly recommended in Reformation circles. Almost as thrilling as finding this gem of a commentary is the history behind how Robert Haldane came to write his commentary. The story, along with some other tid bits about Robert Haldane  can be found here, including some encouraging info concerning the sovereignty of God through his life.

Below, I have provided a few links. The first two are links to the Haldane Romans Commentary. The first one also has a bit of the story from Dr. Boice, and the second is the commentary by itself. The last link is also the link to the story of the last known Reformation revival in Geneva Switzerland. Enjoy!

Robert Haldane by James M. Boice

Romans Commentary by Robert Haldane – PDF format

Up From the Ashes: Robert Haldane and the Revival in Geneva

Actual commentary at

S D G!!


Chevelle again rocks the Sokol

Last night, March 14th, the Chicago based hard rock trio Chevelle performed to a sold out show at the Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska. I was there with my son Corey, who missed the last show in 2009, and my good friend Larry, and most of his family. The Sokol was rocked. There were two opening acts. Another Chicago based band known as Janus, and a duo from California called Middle Class Rut. Both bands were good and entertained the crowd. But you could tell who the crowd was really there to see. Every time any of the bands would mention Chevelle, the place would erupt in applause. Now bring on Chevelle.

From the blistering riff of “Antisaint” to the melodic chaos of “Face To The Floor” the house was a’rawkin’. The place was filled with electric energy. The source of the energy mostly came from the stage, and in particular from brothers Pete Loeffler (vocals and guitars), Sam Loeffler (drums), and brother-in-law Dean Bernardini (bass). The trio super-charged the packed house from the beginning and kicked in the NOS on their underdog rooting “Hats Off To The Bull”, the title track from their new album which was released in December. Some of the other songs Chevelle performed were “Closure”, “Forfeit”, “Letter from a Thief”, “I Get It”, and “Vitamin R (Leading us Along)”, some of which are hard-line singles.

What was kind of fun and unique was to watch Chevelle talk to each other in between songs. Pete Loeffler also likes to interact with the crowd as well as his band-mates. We have been blessed with some above average temps in Nebraska for the past several days, and before the sun went down last night it was 80 degrees outside. This made for some very warm temps on the inside of Sokol. Pete Loefller began the set with a flannel shirt on and after “Hats Off” he shed it down to a t-shirt, and stated to the sold out house “I heard you like your rock hot and sweaty”, which ignited the crowd once again.

The original set came to a close with a couple of my favorite Chevelle songs. The slow and crowd participating “Send The Pain Below”, and the hard-edged “Wonder What’s Next”, both from the 2002 album “Wonder What’s Next”. As the band walked off the stage to prompt the crowd to plead for encore, I turned to Larry and shouted “The Red”!! Sure enough it was the opening song for their two song encore. The packed house knew every word to the song. It was a definite crowd pleaser. The final song was “Face To The Floor” which is the single release from the new album “Hats Off”.

We were rocked by one of the best last night. Much fun was had by all. We bid our friends a good night and headed toward home with a slight ringing in the ears. 🙂

2012 Omaha Chevelle Set List

Rawk On!!


Sanctification Summarized

I so love to post quotes from saints who long ago passed from this world to sit at the feet of Jesus. One of my favorite quotes is from John Newton. Newton was a sailor, and later an Anglican clergyman. His most famous contribution to our  world was the hymn “Amazing Grace”. Newton also penned one of my favorite quotes that sums up the doctrine of sanctification to a tee. Sanctification is the work of the Holy Spirit does in us after Christ has done the work of justification by imputing His righteousness on us and taking our sin and God’s wrath on Himself. The Holy Spirit sanctifies us and we grow more and more in the knowledge of God. Here is the quote:

I am not what I might be, I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I wish to be, I am not what I hope to be. But I thank God I am not what I once was, and I can say with the great apostle, “By the grace of God I am what I am.”


Voodoo Circle – Broken Heart Syndrome

It has been weeks since my last music review so let’s bolt out of the gate afresh with a killer album. I was first introduced to this band through my fellow WordPress blogger and music reviewer Rob over at Hard Rock Hideout. He put together a 2011 Top 20 Best List and this Voodoo Circle album made the cut at #16 I think. I would’ve placed it higher but it wasn’t my list. Voodoo Circle is a group of German hard rock musicians from other metal bands such as Silent Force (Alex Beyrodt (pronounced “bairodt”) on guitars, and Primal Fear’s Mat Sinner on bass. They are joined by lead vocalist David Readman, keyboardist Jimmy Kresic, and drummer Markus Kullmann. The music they play is a bluesy mix of metal in the vein of Whitesnake (vocalist David Readman sounds like he has David Coverdale’s pipes on loan), Deep Purple, Blackmore’s Rainbow, and some speed metal in the fashion on Yngwie Malmsteen thrown in for nice liquidity. What you end up with is a retro hard rock metal sound out of the 70’s with the production quality of the present day. Open up and swallow hard.

The album “Broken Heart Syndrome” was released on May 3rd of 2011. The cover alone (Fender Stratocaster w/Marshall stack amp) emits the old hard rock ‘a roller “Smoke On The Water” classic “fist in the air” punch that many of us from the early hard rock 70’s relate to to so well.  The music on the album is the perfect mix for an older “head-banger” of the blues variety like me. The previously mentioned sound similarities bring emotions that are both haunting and pleasing as I listen to it over and over again. The overall effect was very intentional as seen in this interview with guitarist Alex Beyrodt, even down to the use of vintage gear.

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