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Chevelle again rocks the Sokol

Last night, March 14th, the Chicago based hard rock trio Chevelle performed to a sold out show at the Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska. I was there with my son Corey, who missed the last show in 2009, and my good friend Larry, and most of his family. The Sokol was rocked. There were two opening acts. Another Chicago based band known as Janus, and a duo from California called Middle Class Rut. Both bands were good and entertained the crowd. But you could tell who the crowd was really there to see. Every time any of the bands would mention Chevelle, the place would erupt in applause. Now bring on Chevelle.

From the blistering riff of “Antisaint” to the melodic chaos of “Face To The Floor” the house was a’rawkin’. The place was filled with electric energy. The source of the energy mostly came from the stage, and in particular from brothers Pete Loeffler (vocals and guitars), Sam Loeffler (drums), and brother-in-law Dean Bernardini (bass). The trio super-charged the packed house from the beginning and kicked in the NOS on their underdog rooting “Hats Off To The Bull”, the title track from their new album which was released in December. Some of the other songs Chevelle performed were “Closure”, “Forfeit”, “Letter from a Thief”, “I Get It”, and “Vitamin R (Leading us Along)”, some of which are hard-line singles.

What was kind of fun and unique was to watch Chevelle talk to each other in between songs. Pete Loeffler also likes to interact with the crowd as well as his band-mates. We have been blessed with some above average temps in Nebraska for the past several days, and before the sun went down last night it was 80 degrees outside. This made for some very warm temps on the inside of Sokol. Pete Loefller began the set with a flannel shirt on and after “Hats Off” he shed it down to a t-shirt, and stated to the sold out house “I heard you like your rock hot and sweaty”, which ignited the crowd once again.

The original set came to a close with a couple of my favorite Chevelle songs. The slow and crowd participating “Send The Pain Below”, and the hard-edged “Wonder What’s Next”, both from the 2002 album “Wonder What’s Next”. As the band walked off the stage to prompt the crowd to plead for encore, I turned to Larry and shouted “The Red”!! Sure enough it was the opening song for their two song encore. The packed house knew every word to the song. It was a definite crowd pleaser. The final song was “Face To The Floor” which is the single release from the new album “Hats Off”.

We were rocked by one of the best last night. Much fun was had by all. We bid our friends a good night and headed toward home with a slight ringing in the ears. 🙂

2012 Omaha Chevelle Set List

Rawk On!!


Saturday night in Lincoln

Last night Robin and I had a rare night out together. What did we do with that rare night out? We went to a rock concert. Though we might look like old fogies, we aren’t. We can still bang our head, and bang our head we did. We headed out in the single digit temperatures to Lincoln, here in Nebraska, for a benefit concert called “Camp Out For Kids” featuring Alter Bridge, Another Animal, and local band Down Sumner. The venue was the State Theater, which is an old traditional theater that has been turned into a concert hall with dance floor, bar, and tables and chairs in the mezzanine seating area.

The concert was great. The local band Down Sumner opened the evening with some very good songs that I had not heard before. The band was pretty talented and very enjoyable. Another Animal was the the next band, and the level of talent and professionalism went up a bit. I have only heard of couple of their songs online and I did like them enough. I had found out that the band contains members of the rock band Godsmack which has quite a fan base of it’s own. The band was very good and I liked most of the songs they performed. The lead vocalist was very interactive with the audience which gives them a plus in my book. Another Animal played for about 30 minutes They could have played longer but everyone was there to see the next band.

Out of the tour bus into the freezing Nebraska air and onto the dark and warm stage in the State Theater came the headliner, Alter Bridge. They heated up the old theater by launching into “Come To Life” from their new release Blackbird, followed by “Brand New Start” and then the heavy rhythm of “Buried Alive. They performed many favorites such as “Before Tomorrow Comes”, “Open Your Eyes”, “Broken Wings”, and “Rise Today.” The band was very tight and gelled very well together live. Mark Tremonti who plays lead guitar was very impressive even though you could tell the guitar techs were having some problems with his gear. He would excite the crowd with his head bobbing and bone crashing guitar playing. Myles Kennedy, their lead vocalist was very charismatic and interactive with the audience. I knew this guy could sing as evidenced on the bands two albums. But seeing and hearing him perform live was a real treat. He challenged the crowd to sing as well as he “humbly” does on the range challenging “Open Your Eyes” as a sing along. This challenge reminded me of his bit performance in the film “Rock Star” in which he is given the mic out of the audience while he is singing along with the superstar lead vocalist of the fictional band Steel Dragon. Myles Kennedy did not disappoint me live as many vocalists do. The guy can sing and he has a great vocal range.

The one thing that was a sore spot was the venue’s lack of crowd security. Robin noticed the anger problems developing on the main floor before I did and almost had to push an event security staff person into doing his job. This kind of thing is going to happen when you serve alcohol to folks without self-control and no accountability from the event staff. The concert as a whole was great and very entertaining. I am still trying to regain the hearing in my left ear, which, as a young head banger, used to be an indicator of a great concert. At 48, not so much. The ringing is almost gone now. Rawk On!!


An evening with Roger Waters

Roger Waters


Tonight my son Sean and I went to see Roger Waters in concert at the Qwest Center in Omaha. If you do not know who Roger Waters is, he is one of the original members of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd. Sean is the one who purchased the two tickets (they were $99 apiece) a couple of months ago, and asked Dad (me) to go with him. I obliged. (Woo Hoo!) This might be kind of funny to most of you especially knowing that he is only 19, that he likes Pink Floyd. But it is not so funny or odd to his mom and I any longer. You see, he likes the music we grew up listening to. Which is good and bad, if you know what I mean. Anyway back to the concert tonight.

For the most part I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Waters started with “In The Flesh” and ended with “Comfortably Numb” both from the album “The Wall”. In between were two sets split by a 15 minute intermission break. The first set was a mixture of Waters solo material and old Pink Floyd classics like “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, “Have A Cigar”, and “Wish You Were Here”, all from the album “Wish You Were Here”. He did one of my favorite Floyd songs “Sheep” from the “Animals” album. For this one they brought out a large, inflatable pig, all tattooed with anti-government graffiti. The second set was composed of the complete music from the ever popular “Dark Side of the Moon” album in sequence as it appears on the album. This was such a treat to witness. My son was beside himself. He mentioned later that he felt like he was participating in a part of history. Some of us old school Pink Floyd fans probably noticed the video they played with the song “Money” was a record album with the original “Dark Side..” record label and the phonograph needle playing the first song which is where it exists on the vinyl album.

I am only going to mention one negative side to the concert. Roger Waters like so many of his music artist peers used his artist platform to push a political agenda. He presented some Bush bashing messages throughout the show, on the giant screen, and on the inflatable pig. He used some profane words to try and get his political point across and that was a turn off.

The concert as a whole was very enjoyable. Except for the profanity used in his political messages, Rogers was a class act. He seemed sincere in his thanks to the crowd’s applause after each song. He also expressed sincere gratitude for the resounding call for encore from the Omaha faithful. Sean hoped he would do some songs from “The Wall” and he was pleasantly satisfied with “Another Brick In The Wall”, and “Comfortably Numb”. Waters’ band performed very well behind him. The lead guitar player who played a Fender Telecaster guitar most of the evening was excellent. If you had your eyes closed you could imagine the same licks and riffs being played by original Floyd member David Gilmour.

Rock On!


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