What Women Really Want? A biblical perspective.

01 Oct

In the process of trying to catch up on the audio from one of my favorite call in talk shows, The Albert Mohler Program, business-woman-thinkingI came across a very interesting program from Friday September 25th this past week. In the program he commented and took calls about a recent article by columnist Maureen Dowd, a self-described feminist, in the New York Times. The title of the article was “Blue Is the New Black“. In the article Dowd points to some interesting data. She points to a survey by the General Social Survey, which has been tracking the mood of Americans since 1972, that indicates women have progressively been getting gloomier while men are getting happier. While the article doesn’t really come to any resolution for the funk women seem to be in, it does bring up some great observations. According to Dr. Mohler the article raises some questions that we should have an intellegent Christian conversation about. I agree.

One of Dowd’s observations is this:

When women stepped into male- dominated realms, they put more demands — and stress — on themselves. If they once judged themselves on looks, kids, hubbies, gardens and dinner parties, now they judge themselves on looks, kids, hubbies, gardens, dinner parties — and grad school, work, office deadlines and meshing a two-career marriage.

What this observation does is walk around a self-centeredness that is very common in our society today. Of course we know from a biblical world view the bottom factor is sinful pride, which has it’s affect on all of mankind. Aside from that, after three decades beyond the feminist revolution that promised women fulfillment, what have we really learned? What do women want, and why? What should make a woman happy or satisfied?

Dr. Mohler’s radio show is a call in show and many of his callers on this subject were women. Most of them commented about working towards a career early in their life and not finding real fulfillment until they quit the professional workplace and stayed at home to focus on the family and the home. One caller expressed when women are more driven toward a professional career they are going against what they were created for. I’m far from being an expert on women, but I have spoken with many who are godly and they all mention Proverbs 31 as a great biblical example of what a woman should want. Ultimately, as Dr. Mohler points out, the best response to the question is the gospel.

This is a great discussion that is of great importance and significance. I would encourage you to listen to the program, found at the link above and referenced at the link below.

What Women Want: A Response to Feminism


3 responses to “What Women Really Want? A biblical perspective.

  1. Steve

    October 5, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    I bet you’re right. It makes sense. Much to the consternation of many people. Thanks for the nudge, brother.

  2. Leo

    October 19, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    Interesting…read Dowd and listened to Dr. Mohler. Having worked with some very competent women who have balanced both family and business – My thought is that happiness depends on obedience to what God has called the woman to. Our nation has seen competent women (and men) hold political, business, and educational positions and has suffered through incompetent men (and women) in the same positions. I think that problems occur when women are forced (or force themselves) into a mold for which God had not designed them. This happens from both secular and Christian worldviews to each person. That is not to ignore godly parental and church counsel but to simply recognize the Lord’s unique design and purpose for each individual.

  3. barrydean

    October 22, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    Well said Leo. Your input is always appreciated.


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