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Evening Pics

And now, for something completely different. I would like to share some pictures I took this evening. I used my Kodak Easyshare Z710 digital camera. (click on the thumbnail pic to see full size)

Thank you for letting me share.



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Grandmas, granddaughters, and fireflies

Yesterday, July 4th was a big day here in Nebraska. For further evidence just see the picture of our local granddaughter Livy (short for Olivia) nestled up against Grandma after a fun filled 4th of July. Livy fought a surprising fight against Mr. Sandman but in the end the evidence speaks for itself. You can’t hear it but she is actually sleeping to the sound of neighborhood fireworks in the near distance.

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged.. (Proverbs 17:6)

Grandmas are pretty special too.

I have also included a video of something my sweet wife dearly loves to witness. The lighting of the fireflies across the lawn in the summertime. I shot this as we were sitting on our front porch. The video is a little grainy, but the fireflies can easily been seen.


Music review Tuesday – Shinedown

This is the third time I have reviewed an album by this American hard rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. The band is Shinedown. The band Shinedown has to be one of my favorite new bands of this decade right behind Alter Bridge. The two bands have toured together. What a dream concert that would be to see. The lead vocalist, Brent Smith, whose vocal range would make any rock singer want to give up and try another line of work, names his main influence with Otis Reading. The band has been noted for having had one of their songs performed on American Idol. It was performed by the only one who could do the song “I Dare You” any justice. It was none other than Chris Daughtry before he went on to fame and fortune. Since my last review two band members, bassist Brad Stewart, and guitarist Jasin Todd have left Shinedown. Drummer Barry Kerch is the only remaining original member besides Smith. The new line up includes new guitarists Nick Perri, and Zach Myers, along with new bassist Eric Bass.

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