Daily Archives: July 15, 2008

Relient K – The Bird and the Bee Sides +

When you release an EP product as a musician it is assumed you understand that EP represents Extended Play. Most folks know this means the release is either too long to be a single and not long enough to be a full-length album. But who are Relient K to adhere to those stinking standards. These guys from Canton, Ohio have been reinventing the standard in modern, alternative punk, song writing, and song titles for 10 years now. So if Relient K releases a 26-track EP, who are we to smirk and say that they just don’t get it. I have been listening to Relient K since I heard their album “The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek” which featured such popular songs as “Pressing On”, and “Sadie Hawkins Dance”. My biggest attraction to the band has always been their no-nonsense, don’t-take-us-too-seriously, lyrics. I also like the music singer and song-writer Matt Thiessen composes. Just when you get hooked by the quirky rhythm he always throws the song for another curve.

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