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Collaborative 40 day fast: OBC Prison Ministry

I found out about the 40 day blog fast through somepraying together friendships I’ve made in the blogosphere. The purpose of the fast as outlined by the blogger Isaiah543 is to raise awareness and pray for those ministries who, in the name of Jesus, meet the physical needs of the poor. These ministries will be posted by those who committed to participate in the fast.

I did not have to think much about what ministry to blog about as I have recently been asked to lead just such a ministry. The ministry does not have a name but it is part of the Omaha Bible Church Prison Ministry. The ministry is designed to meet the needs of family members of prisoners. At my local church, OBC, there are men going in to visit prisoners to share the gospel with them and mentor them. From these meetings the Lord brings to light needs that He will supply and encourage our ministry to meet. We have only participated in one such need since we began in May of this year but it was huge effort that only God could have made happen.

We do not have a web site yet or a means to accept donations but I would wholeheartedly petition the prayers of those believers reading this posting. We are going to be meeting together to focus on how to raise funds for the ministry. Any ideas along those lines will be appreciated.

I posted, in more detail; about our first ministry effort in a couple of postings and those can be read by following the links below. Please check them out. There is a link to pictures of the work.

Locking arms (and hammers) in ministry

Locking arms (and hammers) in ministry (Part 2)

I would like to thank Isaiah543 for the idea of the collaborative 40 day fast, my new fellow saint Mike at Life in Mordor, and most of all our Lord Jesus Christ for His sovereignty in bringing us all together.


Music review Tuesday

Velvet Revolver is everything good and bad about rock music. Over the years the bandVelvet Revolver poster members have all saturated themselves with the life-style afforded many non-discerning rock stars. If you read any publications about the band you will find a history of drug and alcohol abuse, and hedonistic living. It seems that they have pulled themselves off of the self-destructive freeway and decided to survive and make some great music.

Velvet Revolver are Scott Weiland (formerly of Stone Temple Pilots) on vocals, Slash (formally of GnR fame) on guitar, Duff McKagan (also formally from GnR) on bass, Matt Sorum (again formally from GnR) on drums, and Dave Kushner (formally of Wasted Youth) on guitar. All of this to say that the band is made up of former super groups. With this fact there have been great expectations attached to this band. Their first release “Contraband” lived up to these expectations and then some. With the combination of Scott Weiland’s crooning vocals and Slash’s driving force guitars it was hard to go wrong. But now with the release of their sophomore effort, released July 3rd, 2007, can the revolvers again do justice to the expectations?

The new album is called “Libertad“; I will have to admit I had to look up what it meant. It is just Spanish for liberty. The album itself feels more commercial than their first so it makes me wonder if they were given freedom on this album or is this the direction the band decided to go following “Contraband”. I am not saying that the commercial feel is a bad thing but I tend to find more experimentation from a group when they follow up a successful debut. (Contraband sold over 3 million copies) Although it is hard to refer to an album by these guys as a debut since they have all been recording music for over twenty years or more.

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