Thinking of Nick

31 Jan

For what ever reason my mind has fixed on my cousin Nick. I haven’t seen him in about 12 years. I miss him alot. We used to be very close. I tried to contact him a few years ago but could not get any info related to him from his sister. Maybe I should try again. I know he has diabetes which my dad had for years and it eventually took his life. I think my fathers life could have been much longer if he had taken better care of himself. I pray that Nick is taking good care of himself and eating right. I am a bit apprehensive to contact him since I was basically blamed for the breakup of his marriage. Let me explain. In March 1991 I moved to Florida ahead of my family to take a job with Citicorp. I lived with Nick and his family until my family could move down with me. After several weeks of having me live there Nick confided that their marriage strained. He said that he would not be doing as much with me as we had been. I was cool with this, because I had made friends with some of the other park residences. About two weeks before my family were to move down to Florida, I was told by Nick that the manager of the trailer park where he lived was enforcing some rule that limited the number or family members living in the residence. So I needed to find another place to live. My kind-hearted boss at Citicorp made it so I was able to stay with his son at his apartment until my family arrived and we got a place together. Praise God it all worked out. I found out later from Nick that his wife had divorced him and that the story of the trailer park rule was a lie he and his wife told to me to get me to leave their home. I do not know who in Nick’s family were told that I broke up their marriage, but from their behavior toward me since, I would believe that my aunt and uncle believe this to be the case. I wish they would have told me that they were having problems because of my presence. I would have found other accommodations.
Wow that feels good to unload. Sad, but good.

On a lighter note. I have submitted for my employers educational assistance to take my CLEP and DANTES tests. These tests will conclude all the necessary credit hours I need to graduate and get my BS diploma. Robin’s body is healing well and she is feeling much better. PTL!

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