Do we really need Valentine’s Day?

14 Feb

It is my humble opinion that we could do without the day we refer to as Valentine’s Day. I believe it was created by the greeting card, flower, and chocolate industries. Do we really need a day to focus on our special loved one? If we are only doing it one day a year then the relationship is in a pretty pathetic state. My special lady, bride, and mother to my children has already let me know that she would prefer some pampering so she will have her feet, shoulders, and back rubbed and massaged this evening. I try to show my love for Robin every day of the year. I know that sometimes she may not feel the love but it never fails. I realize that because of past offenses it is a difficult thing for her not to doubt my love but that is a manifestation of the consequences of those past offenses. It is my prayer that one day the doubt will dissipate.

Robin, honey, I love you and I don’t need a special day to cause me to say so or show you so. Besides, would a box of chocolate or a diamond necklace really prove this to you? Because of you I have learned to love and have learned how to show it. I will admit that it goes against my bend to express it but you are my helpmate. You are worth more than fine jewels, and I trust you with my heart.

If anyone wants to see my wife’s picture just look up Proverbs 31:10-31 in the bible and you will find her picture there.

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Posted by on February 14, 2006 in marriage, Valentine's Day


One response to “Do we really need Valentine’s Day?

  1. Robin

    March 5, 2006 at 5:23 pm

    Dude! Update your blog!–>


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