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The day after

I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I have been busy. The season does that to you. It has been a good busy, not the typical life is flying by me busy. I have been thoroughly enjoying it these past few days. Christmas Eve, my wife, daughter, one my sons, and I went to the Christmas eve service at church. It was a very blessed time of worship and celebration. We had a candle light service which was very traditional. We all went over to my wife’s sisters house for feasting and gift exchange. Two of our other sons met us there. We had an excellent time of enjoying each others company. It was one of the best times I’ve had there. My local mom gave me a home brewery kit so I can make my own beer. It was very cool. Christmas day we went to church again since this year Christmas is on a Sunday. Our pastor preached about four different perspective of the birth of Jesus. It was very thought provoking, as always. After, at home, we feasted on Mexican eggs, sausage, bacon, and non-alcoholic mimosas. We opened gifts afterwards, and everything became a blur. I am posting a photo stream to record the event. Later that evening we went over to a friends home and had more treats and some good conversation. Today we did some running around town. We dropped off my wife’s car to have the body damage fixed. The details of the reason for that will be in the next post along with some before pictures.
Click on the picture above to go to the Christmas photo stream at Flickr.

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Three days until Christmas

Only three more shopping days until Christmas. My shopping is basically done. It is a tough job since all I really need to focus on is the shopping for my lovely wife. I will be doing the traditional last minute shopping in the next couple of days, but that will be mostly stocking stuffers.
I wanted to update the blog to let everyone know that my wife is doing fine. She went to the doctor and he told her that he is 99% sure that her condition was caused by the amount of caffeine she had for that day, plus the espresso on the way home. She is back to her normal silly self and baking up a storm for Christmas. PTL!!

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Getting Wet

PTL, three young saints were baptized Sunday evening at church. I was privileged to be a participant in the event. Our associate pastor asked me to help him with the baptisms and to do the closing prayer after. It is an honor to serve my church and ultimately my Lord. It is also a blessing to see folks obedient in following the Lord in baptism.
As a side note please pray for my wife as she had a weird experience Sunday night on the way home. We stopped for Starbucks and she had a red eye, which is coffee with one shot of espresso. We stopped at Walmart after that and she started to get a bit fuzzy in her vision. By the time she got home she couldn’t think very clearly at all. She was muttering about not remembering a word that describes knowing something without having to be told about it. She was not seeing correctly and had some numb sensations in her right hand and in her mouth. She has an appointment to see our doctor this today.


Dinner and company

I attended our company Christmas dinner last evening. The dinner was held at Brother Sebastians Steak House. Almost everyone from our team attended. I had a salad from the salad bar, and my choice of entre from Top Sirloin, Stuffed Shrimp, and Oskar Chicken. I had the stuffed shrimp. The shrimp were delicious and very filling. I could only eat three out of the five that were on my plate. I shared a table with three other employees that I don’t regularly get to speak with at work, so it was nice to get to know them. After dinner our manager gave all of us $50 Walmart gift cards for Christmas and for a job well done for the year. Wow, the gift card and the nice company performance bonus was a great blessing from God this year. I boxed up my remaining shrimp and gave them to my wife and one of my sons when I got home.

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Leaving work

This is my first post and I am going to be brief. I am leaving work and traveling to church to participate in a bible study. We are studying Angels, Elect and Evil. It is also a book by C. Fred Dickason. We meet on Wednesday nights, and last week was our first week. I believe it is going to be an awesome study.

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