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Getting Wet

PTL, three young saints were baptized Sunday evening at church. I was privileged to be a participant in the event. Our associate pastor asked me to help him with the baptisms and to do the closing prayer after. It is an honor to serve my church and ultimately my Lord. It is also a blessing to see folks obedient in following the Lord in baptism.
As a side note please pray for my wife as she had a weird experience Sunday night on the way home. We stopped for Starbucks and she had a red eye, which is coffee with one shot of espresso. We stopped at Walmart after that and she started to get a bit fuzzy in her vision. By the time she got home she couldn’t think very clearly at all. She was muttering about not remembering a word that describes knowing something without having to be told about it. She was not seeing correctly and had some numb sensations in her right hand and in her mouth. She has an appointment to see our doctor this today.