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Music Review Tuesday – Delirious?

When I think of Delirious?, I think of modern Christian worhip music. They have released many worship albums, and have several well known worship songs including: “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”, “Deeper”, and “Lord, You Have My Heart”. Delirious? began as a worship band for a youth outreach event called “Cutting Edge”. This event was created by Arun Community Church in Littlehampton, West Sussex, England. They have been a favorite in our household since purchasing and listening to their “Glo” album in 2000. I have loved their mix or worship centered lyrics and modern rock music. The band Delirious? features Martin Smith on vocals and guitar, Stuart Garrard (also known as Stu G) on guitar and backing vocals, Jon Thatcher on bass guitar, Tim Jupp on keys and piano, and Paul Evans on drums and percussion.

Their new album is called “Kingdom of Comfort“. It was released in the U. S. on April 1st, 2008, April Fool’s Day. I wonder if there was an intention to it’s release on that particular day? They did have an album titled “King of Fools” released in 1997. “Kingdom of Comfort” was inspired by the band’s recent missions trip to Cambodia and Mumbai, India. The band’s guitarist Stu G is quoted as saying:

Seeing children looking for scraps on the rubbish dump they call homes in Cambodia and the education and feeding projects in the slums of Mumbai India really had an impact on us. It wasn’t possible to simply proceed with business as usual. We had to ask ourselves, what am I building? A kingdom of comfort? Or a kingdom of heaven?

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