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The most ridiculous story I’ve ever read.

But it presents a very thought provoking subject. The potter and the clay. Who made who? Go to “Lump of Clay Tells Potter What To Do“at the TBNN site and read the whole story.

Soli Deo Gloria


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For when you need that boost

Thanks to our friends at TBNN. Take a close look at the Active Ingredients. I think the same stuff can be provided in an extreme energy drink like NOS. Right Pat?


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From this week in pictures

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates explains the differences
between conditional and unconditional election to
students at Liberty University. Gates told the
students, “Arminianism is by far the best system
of theology out there. It works just as well and as
smoothly as Vista.”

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This just in…. (humor for your Friday)

As reported by TBNN, one church in Brattleboro, VT is getting honest about their church building room names.
Go to “Church Gets Honest About Room Names” to read the whole story.

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