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Super Bowl 46; Where is David Tyree?

This will just be a brief post, or a reflection of sorts on a past Super Bowl. The game was Super Bowl 42. This was the last time the Patriots and the Giants met to decide the professional football champion. The game  will forever be know as the one with the “helmet catch”. The player who made the amazing acrobatic catch is no longer playing professional football. David Tyree never recovered from a 2008 knee injury during the 2008 training camp. In 2010 the Giants offered David Tyree a one day contract so he could retire as a Giant. That is class in my book.

Below is the blog posting with the link to the NFL video I submitted four years ago, right after Super Bowl 42 and the “helmet catch”.

Best Play From Super Bowl 42

I will once again be pulling for the Giants to win Super Bowl 46. I hope there is an opportunity to see David Tyree at this game as well. Maybe a camera shot during the game. Maybe this will be the year of the “Cruz catch”.

Go Giants!!

Update to this story:

Four years ago I posted this story of David Tyree and the now famous “helmet catch”.  But little did I know where David Tyree stood with Jesus Christ. Here is a great story that tells what he has been up to since.

David Tyree discusses faith, and football.


Best play from Superbowl 42

David Tyree catch

NY Giants 17 – New England Patriots 14

Check out an impressive play from the Giants game winning drive to win Superbowl 42.

Eli Manning to David Tyree

I will post the embedded video as it becomes available.