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Demon Hunter – Storm the Gates of Hell

The very first time I heard this band was through their video for “Infected” on TVU the Christian rock 24 hour music video channel. I had heard other “screamo” bands before but Demon Hunter was different. Their genre of music is actually called Metalcore which is a hybrid of Metal and Hardcore or Screamo. At first glance Demon Hunter sound like other Metalcore bands with the harsh screaming vocals, thrashing guitars, and heavy pounding drums. But Demon Hunter created has created a mix of melodic choruses with almost ballad like song structure and hardcore guttural scream vocals. Demon Hunter is designated as a Christian Heavy Metal band, but unlike Petra and Stryper of old, some would say this band is scarier. With their symbolic demon skull with bullet hole album covers, to their hardcore metal sound and gutteral screams they have staved off the mainstream metal label. The band was formed by brothers Don and Ryan Clark in Seattle, Washington and release their first album “Demon Hunter” in October of 2002. The current lineup is Ryan Clark on vocals, Don Clark on rhythm guitar, Jon Dunn on bass guitar, Timothy “Yodi” Watts on drums, and Ethan Luck on lead guitar, and backing vocals. Luck is a very busy musician because he is also currently playing drums for the Christian rock band Relient K. Luck was also a member of the ska band The O.C. Supertones.

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