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Journey – Revelation

If I had not included a title for this music review posting would you have been able to identify the band with song titles like “Look Into the Future”, “Spaceman”, or “Next”? Probably not. Those songs were on the three pre-Steve Perry Journey albums. I say pre-Steve Perry because after he joined Journey they made hits that you probably will recognize. Songs like “Anyway You Want It”, “Don’t Stop Believing”, and “Open Arms” to just name a few. Steve Perry created quite a distinction in Journey. Prior to his joining the band and his eventual departure from it, they just were a different band.  Prior to Perry, the band Journey was formed out of the hugely popular Latin/Rock band Santana. Two members Neal Schon on lead guitar, and Greg Rolie on keyboards, joined with other studio musicians to create a backup band for established San Francisco Bay area musicians. They called themselves the Golden Gate Rhythm Section. They eventually abandoned the “backup band” concept and developed a jazz-fusion style of music. The original lineup became Schon, Rolie, bassist Ross Valory, and british session drummer Aynsley Dunbar. They would record the three albums mentioned previously before they became the epitome of what an arena rock band was in the late seventies and all through the eighties. In the nineties Journey recorded one studio album before Steve Perry had a hiking accident in Hawaii. He could not perform without hip replacement surgery, which he refused to undergo. Journey replaced Perry with several singers over the years but no one could match the style or popularity of Steve Perry. If you listen to any of the albums with those replacement singers you can hear that they were definitely trying to match the popular sound of the previous Journey.

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Third Day – Revelation

I would consider myself to be a Gomer of sorts. A Gomer is identified as a fan of Third Day. It was taken from the name of the unfaithful wife of the biblical prophet Hosea. Are you a Gomer too?

Formed in 1991, Third Day has become one of the most popular Christian rock bands in history. They recorded their first full-length album with Furies Studios in their home of Atlanta, Georgia for $3000. They had saved this money to do so, and in 1994 they saw it finalized and 2000 copies were released. Eventually their popularity reached Reunion Records and Third Day signed with them for a multi-album deal. After their signing, Reunion Records immediately released the official self-titled “Third Day” album which has now sold over 300,000 copies. The video for their first single “Consuming Fire” won a Billboard Award for Best Christian video. Third Day was also nominated for a Dove Award for New Artist of the year. One of my favorite Third Day song called “Thief” is on their first album. It is an incredible song which is sung from the point of view of the thief on the cross during the crucifixion of Jesus. Being formed out of the Atlanta area they name other Georgia bands such as The Black Crowes, and REM as influences. You can hear other Southern band influences like Allman Brothers Band, and Tom Petty. Third Day has since gone on to release eight studio records including two worship albums and a Christmas album. They have developed a popular following and much critical acclaim. Third Day has won three Grammy Awards and a Dove Award every year since 1998. Their current lineup is Mac Powell on vocals and guitar, Mark Lee on guitars and backing vocals, Tai Anderson on bass and vocals, and David Carr on drums.

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