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Mom jokes

Have you heard of dad jokes? How about mom jokes? ? I didn’t think so. There’s a reason. It’s because they aren’t even corny. Take last night. My bride and I went shopping at falafel-chips Aldi and found the delicious chips in the accompanying photo, So the whole night my lovely bide kept playing word jokes with the name of the chips. Such as:
“I had too many of these chips and now I falafel.” IKR? It’s cute when she tries. I think we’ve been watching too much “Last Man Standing”. The mom, Vanessa (played by Nancy Travis), tries too hard to be funny with words too. The funniest part about is Mike’s (played by Tim Allen) reaction to it.
For you viewing pleasure, and not really related to the content above, I have added a video clip from “Las Man Standing”.
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