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Paw Paw goes on a field trip

Yesterday I had the genuine pleasure of accompanying my granddaughter Kaitlyn on a field trip with her preschool class. All chaperones and preschool students met at the school at 8am and left around 8:30am. Our first stop was the Lincoln Children’s Museum, followed by lunch at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo ans zoo tour to follow. I had not been been to either.

The Lincoln Children’s Museum was fantastic. Kaitlyn had a blast. At first Kaitlyn was a bit apprehensive to really play, but let me explain why I think this was the case based on my observation. We, responsible adults, are constantly reinforcing the rules of “look but don’t touch” to our kids when we take them places. The Children’s Museum is designed to allow the children “hands on” learning and play. It is like a huge learning center disguised as a playground. So Kaitlyn’s apprehension slowly wore off the more she observed other kids touching and playing. We played with the water wheels, and real airplanes, and real miniaturized pizza restaurant, and lunar lander just to name a few. One of the highlights at the museum for us was painting Kaitlyn’s face. It was a collaborative effort by both of us.

Next stop was the Lincoln Children’s Zoo for lunch and a tour. We ate our lunches at one of the zoo picnic areas and then proceeded to walk around and view the animal exhibits. We saw an array of God’s creation in the zoo. We saw an otter, camels, wallaby’s, a leopard, birds, bats, and others. The highlights were feeding the goats in the petting zoo, and Kaitlyn getting to touch a live python snake.

Fun was definitely had by all, and Paw Paw recorded the trip in pictures seen here. The bus ride home was filled with many dozing field trippers. Including Kaitlyn and her Paw Paw.