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Most folks know what the above acronym stands for. If not, it means Working From Home. Today is week one of my stint of WHF or working remotely. I am blessed by the Creator to have the means and ability to remain working through this pandemic . I know others are struggling to make ends meet because they are in an industry where they aren’t afforded this opportunity.  My prayer is that God will act through those who lead to bring a swift end to this pause in life.

Something has occurred to me while spending so much time home alone. I have a blog site that I have allowed to go stale over the past several months, and I’ve submitted content sparsely of the past few years. So here we are today. I have speculate that many who had given up on writing and posting from their blog site will now take up the keyboard and begin to once again tap out some thoughts.

Another thought that has occurred to me lately, I have no excuse to leave my guitars in their cases. So, inspired by my bride and others close to me I have taken one of my beauties out of the case and have begun to exercise my hands and fingers on the fret-board and strumming area. I’ve started by playing some arpeggio, and some blues scales, and taken up practicing the beginnings of some easier songs I like to listen to. Some of those include:

“Make It Last” – by Montrose

“Man On The Silver Mountain” – by Rainbow

“A Tout Le Monde” – by Megadeth

“Heaven Nor Hell” – by Volbeat

Hopefully with some consistent practice I can start to build my finger calluses again. Practice make perfect, right? Well, at least, better playing skills.
Another thing I am committing to is finishing up the guitar I am building and painting. I hope to have that ready for painting before May.

If you read this. please leave a comment or some kind of acknowledgement. This will absolutely encourage me to continue posting thoughts.

Soli Deo Gloria


Guitar project (Part 1)

I have been chomping at the bit all winter to get started on my guitar project. I have sanding guitarbeen waiting for the weather to warm up so I can get outside and do some sanding. I have been playing guitar off and since I was a teenager and I have always wanted to create an electric guitar myself.

Over a year ago I found some information about how to paint your own guitar using spray cans. I did some research and found some glowing reviews on this method of guitar building. The method I found can be found at this web site. I purchased their electronic books and I received a ton of information including instructions with pictures, video, guitar graphics templates, and so many more resources.

Armed with these resources I proceeded to get online and find an electric guitar body, neck and hardware (electronics and such). Ebay here I come. I selected a Stratocaster type body made of Adler wood which is a decent type of wood for sustain which is important for some of the music I like to play. I found a nice looking Yamaha Stratocaster type neck where the fret board looked barely worked in. I purchased two Mighty Mite single coil pickups and a Seymour Duncan Screamin’ Demon humbucking bridge pickup. It will scream! I got all chrome hardware that will go nicely with the color I intend to paint my guitar.

The color and pattern is going to be orange and white checkerboard just like the end zones of my favorite college football team. Over the winter I put the body and neck together and installed all of the electronics and hardware to see how it would all sound together. I can honestly say it really sounded great. The Seymour Duncan humbucker screamed through some Van Halen, and when I selected the neck pickups the blues had some really great tone.

So this past Saturday I pulled the guitar out of my basement and removed all of the hardware, took apart the body and neck and began sanding off the original paint from the guitar body. I will be reporting several of the stages of the project on my blog. Hopefully it won’t bore my regular readers. Yeah all two of you. Above is the first picture. I can’t wait to rock. 


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