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Where Have All the Wild Things Gone?

This post stems from the news of the death of Maurice Sendack, the author of the, then controversial, children’s illustrated fiction “Where The Wild things Are.” “WTWTA” was published in 1963 and came into the public eye with  
mixed feelings from parents. I remember that although my parents would not allow me to read it because it represented a misbehaving child and had scary illustrations, I had fellow students and friends who had read it. I had always been curious about monsters and scary things as a child and even to some degree today. When I saw the book in the public library at six years of age, I sat down and read through it. It was truly scary with it’s monster characters who had fangs and long sharp claws. But I also remember thinking that the ending was kind of cool because Max (the lead character) ended up back at home with supper waiting. I never did tell my mother about reading that book until I was in Jr. High or early High School. By then it was fairly tame as far as subject matter goes.

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