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Ready Player One – A Book Review

Just ask anyone close to me, like my bride, my kids, my pastor. They will tell you that I am a geek. But in the
loving sense of the word. Like the word “nerd”, geek can be defined as someone heavily interested in a hobby, or technology. There are book geeks, train model geeks, music geeks, even gardening geeks. But you usually don’t find many folks who are geeks of multiple persuasions. that would be me. You also are hard pressed to find any fictional books that appeal to someone of this persuasion until now.

Anyone who’s been around me in the last few weeks will have heard me jabbering in praise-worthy tones about a book I’ve been reading. (It’s actually an audio book I’ve been listening to.) Well I finally finished it. The book is “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. I discovered this book after reading a reading list posting from a blog site that I frequent called “The Blazing Center“. This blogger is somewhat of a multiple geek as well, and I highly recommend you bookmark his blog.

“Ready Player One” appeals to my geekdom on many levels. First of all it’s setting is futuristic. It is centered around technology, in particular, computer technology. It is about gaming, 80’s culture, 80’s music, early computer game consoles, and Rush. Yes, Rush the rock trio from the “great white North”. and in my humble opinion, the greatest rock band in history. All of which I know much about. The characters in the book, like me can not only quote the lyrics from any rock band from the 80’s, but give you album release name, band member names, publisher, and year of release. They can also quote verbatim all the lines from staple geek movies like “Monty Python and the Holy Grail“, “Weird Science“, “Short Circuit“, and “War Games“.

I totally recommend this book for anyone who has the slightest bit of geek in them. If you lived through the eighties, and survived it, this will bring back such memories that you will think you are back among the big hair, 8 bit video games, and Rubik’s Cube junkies of the past. I just can’t help myself. Below is a Rush video that is mentioned in the book. Enjoy!


Book Review – Finally Alive

I called it perfect timing as I finished the last few sentences of “Finally Alive” by John Piper and at the same time pulled piper-aliveinto our driveway after another day of work and commuting to Omaha. In the forty-five minite trip each way, God has afforded me the opportunity to read  (listen to) some excellent books. I have read seven or eight books since I made the decision to stop listening to so much talk radio. None of those books filled me with as much such joy as “Finally Alive“. I have read several books by John Piper. Some I’ve had difficulty with because of the way they’ve been structured. I’ve had to stop and re-read a chapter in order to fully grasp the concept he presents before I continue through the book. This was not the case with this book. Only once did I stop the audio and re-listen to the few sentences. I did it because the text had brought such a smile to my face that I wanted to experience that emotion again.

The book is wrtten about regeneration, and what it means to be born again. The term born again has been used in such diverse ways it is hard for anyone who does not know scripture to nail it down. It is used by the world to label fundamentalists or evangelicals. I was once asked during a religious discussion if I was “one of those born again Christians”. I replied with a question of my own, “What do you mean by the term “born again”? The word is indeed thrown around and used outside of it’s biblical context. It is used so much it is hard to distinguish those who claim to be born again and live like the world from those who do not. Piper helps the reader to examine this term and it’s meaning as it relates to scripture. He also shows us how to be certain our faith is genuine and our conversion real. Are you truly “born again”?

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