Daily Archives: November 26, 2012

Black Days

Did you ever get that black feeling the Monday after a long weekend? Today has been that way for me. The weekend was awesome. We spent time with our son Sean and Jessica and our new grandson Sean Jr. We met our future in-laws, and shared a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with them. I was able to spend time as well with my two daughters and two other sons during the weekend. Our daughter Amanda and her girls were able to worship with us at our local church on Sunday and have lunch with us. It was definitely a long and full weekend filled with love and memories.

But as human nature would have it, I didn’t care to have to face going back to the clearing of the vines and thorns due to the curse from Eden. You know, the job. I wanted the weekend to continue. I am reminded of a verse in the Bible. The verse is found in Psalm 90, verse 12.

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

This teaches us not to take our days for granted but to enjoy the time God has given us on this earth. When we are His children, God has promised to bring us through those black days.

So here’s to those black Monday’s. A fitting song from the grunge genre, and one of my favorites from it. Soundgarden and “Fell On Black Days”. Thank God I don’t live in Seattle. 🙂