The Answer – Everyday Demons

03 Apr

At the beginning of this year I was introduced to this amazing new band from Northern Ireland called The Answer. I the_answer_everyday_demons_coverwas enthralled by their honest classic rock style and blogged about their debut album “Rise“. The Answer has been getting rock hallelujahs and gaining thousands of fans as a result of their current tour opening for AC/DC. They have not released an album in the U.S. until now, and yet they are gaining newer classic rock fans hand over air pumping fist. Their love for crafting head-banging guitar riffs and lyrical hooks like the legendary bands is a major part of their lure. In their debut album, released only in the U.K., The Answer poured out this classic rock formula like nobody’s business. But even while you blatantly notice the heavy influences of the legendary bands, The Answer is chiseling out their own unique niche of the classic rock genre.

The new album from The Answer is “Everyday Demons“. It was released in the U.S. on March 31st, 2009. I have listened to this album at least two times through now and I can honestly say that I do not see any weak points. In an interview from earlier this year lead vocalist Cormac Neeson underlined the theme of the new album as a cry to arms against the psychological and physical bullies of this world. The album begins with a Molly Hatchetesq guitar riff on the track “Demon Eyes”, a song that is right in scope with the theme mentioned. Cormac Neeson’s vocals scream into the track with lyrics that say:

Lookin’ out my narrow window
tell you what I see
pit bulls are on the street
and closing in on me

Could it be this paranoia
Is keeping me inside?
Lock the door and load my gun
This time I’m fighting back

The second track “Too Far Gone” displays the prowess of the band’s drummer James Heatley’s drumming and song writing skills. The blues fillers prior to the bridge point in the song are really cool. The third track is called “On And On”. It is the first single released for the album. The song is definitely worthy with a very catchy hook. “Cry Out” written by guitarist Paul Mahon is the next track. The song reminds me of classic Led Zeppelin blues rock, especially with the soulful vocals of Neeson.

Album highlights include, well .. the whole album, but special consideration should be given to songs like “Demon Eyes”, “Cry Out”, “Why’d You Change Your Mind” with it’s slower, bluesy tempo. “Pride” which sounds like a gospel version of a Dixie Dreggs song that works wonders. “Walkin’ Mat” contains an awesome rawk riff, excellent rhythm and some very cool lyrics, which I will post when they are officially published. The wonderful vocals and guitar Wah effect of “Tonight” make for a great song. The energy of “Dead of the Night” is very infectious, I could listen to it over and over. “Comfort Zone” is a not your typical ballad written by drummer James Heatley that shows wisdom beyond his young age, and can argruably be a great arena rock song with lighters (or cell phones) held high in the air. “Evil Man” is a well composed song lyrically, musically, and somewhat theologically. The guitar solo at the bridge is amazing, and the harmonica at the outro is icing on the blues cake.

I have been waiting for this album release since my hard rock buddy Rob Rockitt informed me of his private screening of it a few months ago. I have read some album reviews from a few influencial rock music media outlets and they consider The Answer and this album somewhat boring since they don’t do anything more unique then the typical classic rock formula. I have to stop and ask, what the heck is wrong with sticking to what you love, and playing the music that is fun and exciting in a world gone crazy and dull with “re-invention?” As another reviewer put it “Let us come down from our snob horses and be fair for a minute. The Answer are not striving for originality, they just wanna rawk, and they do it with gusto.” I would have to give an emphatic Amen to that. The Answer is a head above any other new band I’ve heard in a long time. With the release of “Everyday Demons” they provide even more fuel to the classic rock energy fire. No surprise here, I give this album five flying V’s out of five. Rock On!!


Please check out the video for their new single “On And On”.


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2 responses to “The Answer – Everyday Demons

  1. Amy Deardon

    April 14, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Hi Barry, with all of your music reviews, I’m just wondering if you play in a band? What instruments? You have great reviews!

  2. barrydean

    April 15, 2009 at 10:49 am


    Thanks for the kudos. Not in a band. I have been playing guitar off and on since my teenage years.


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