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Within Temptation – The Heart of Everything

I first heard about the band known as Within Temptation after checking out “those who purchased this also purchased within-temptation_the-heart-of-everythingthis” suggestion section of while reading reviews of a Dream Theater album. Then while listening to one of Within Temptation’s more popular singles called “Angels” my sixteen year old daughter told me that she and her friend liked the song and had memorized the lyrics to it. Within Temptation, founded in 1996, is a band from the Netherlands categorized as symphonic metal/gothic metal. Lead vocalist and founding member Sharon den Adel in an interview stated “we consider ourselves more of a symphonic rock/metal band, we are in my opinion not a gothic band.” Most folks compare them to the more popular band Evanescence. There are some similarities, but while the multi-talented singer/song writer Amy Lee of Evanescence also has outstanding vocal pipes, Sharon del Adel can shatter crystal with her vocal chords.

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