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Music review Tuesday – 3 Doors Down

Those guys from Escatawpa, Mississippi are back at it again. If you aren’t a big fan of their music you might not know who I am writing about. The band is 3 Doors Down. The band that rocked a song about the only substance that can kill Superman with “Kryptonite”. The band who decided that the drummer Brad Arnold should be the lead singer in the band because no one else would. He has since come out from behind the drum kit and is the band’s front man. The band whose debut album in 2000 became the 11th best selling album in that year. The same band who in October of 2002 performed live on the flight deck of the USS George Washington as it made a port visit to Lisbon, Portugal. After that day lead singer Brad Arnold stated that he had never felt more insecure. He was just sure that at 22 years old he would be seen as a kid by those on the ship. Much to his surprise he found out that the average age of the sailors on the ship was 19. This same rock band who have broken the typical liberal rock band mold have always been supportive of the troops as they fight to defend our nation. But a little more about that later in the review.

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