Daily Archives: November 19, 2007

Men of the scarlet and gray….

This is a picture of Chris Wells, running back of “The Ohio State University” Buckeyes out running the Michigan defense to the end zone to finish off the Wolverines in the game played this past Saturday. Final score for anyone who might have been out of the country this weekend … OSU 14, and UM 3.

In the last seven or eight years OSU has had Michigan’s number. I think it is the coaching of Jim Tressel the Buckeyes head coach that has made the difference. Since coming to Ohio State from Youngstown State in 2001, Tressel has only lost to Michigan once. He has also brought one National Championship in 2002 and nearly another last year. Even with the surprise loss to unranked Illinois last week this years team still has a slim chance to go to the National Championship game and redeem themselves of last year.

Update: I heard on the radio this morning that Lloyd Carr the head coach of the University of Michigan football program has stepped down to pursue retirement. I just wanted to say that even though I am the furthest thing from a UM fan that you will ever find, I do respect Lloyd Carr and his coaching abilities. He is a great coach and if he ever decides to coach again I only hope he will choose a team I can root for. 🙂 I wish him God speed and God’s blessings in his endeavors out side of football.

Go Bucks!!!!