Music review Tuesday

31 Oct

It is great to be back for Music Review Tuesday. I have decided to do another artist from my daughter Crysta’s bag of favorites. Family Force 5 is the name of the band I am reviewing for this week. I have really come to like and appreciate the music of this band. Their music is so different from anything else I normally listen to. The band also goes by FF5 which is what I will refer to them as well to save keystrokes. FF5 is a Christian rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. The three leading members of the band are brothers Solomon, Jacob , and Joshua Olds. Their dad Jerome Olds was a Christian artist from the late 1980’s. The band is rounded up to five with the addition of two friends Nathan Currin, and Derek Mount. It is hard to classify the music of FF5 since there songs are so diverse. Some of the genre’s they have been labeled with are Rapcore, Southern Rock, Crunk, and Christian Rock. Their music employs mostly heavy keyboard and guitar. They rap some, they scream some, they funk some, and they definitely rock.

The title of the the album is “Business Up Front/Party In The Back“, and the one I have is the bonus “Diamond Edition”. This edition has three more unreleased songs on it and it was released March 20th, 2007. The first track of the album is “Cadillac Phunque” which is a unique way of spelling “Funk”. The name is definitely and indication of how the song plays out. It is southern funk, if you can imagine that. Distorted guitars and everything from keyboards to DJ turntable disk scratching are present on this cut. The next track “Kountry Gentleman” is a fun song from it’s lyrics such as:

I come from the land where the mullet attacks
Business up front
Party in the back
You gotta style in the south when ur stepping out
Put a gold tooth in ur mouth
Look at you now
Tank top, ur ball-cap, you think ur all that
But ur looking like Scott Stapp
Ur just another redneck from back in the woods
Not a Kountry Gentleman that can bring the goods, Tayoooo

to the funky rhythm of the song and band playing the sounds baby. Did you catch that? They p’owned Scott Stapp? The next track “Ex-Girlfriend” is totally about relationships, especially the ins and outs of teenage relationships. The music is very diverse with the hip hop, funk rhythms, and heavy sounds in the chorus. “Drama Queen” is one of my favorites because it reminds me of my youngest daughter Crysta. Not the mean spirit portrayed in the lyrics “you go behind my back, don’t you know that’s whack, it’s a personal attack … Ur such a drama queen” but the just the way she is always performing and overly sensitive at times.

Album highlights would be “Kountry Gentleman”, “Drama Queen”, “Love Addict” which is about the greatest commandment L-O-V-E, the song has a great slow driving rhythm, “Earthquake” which is such a fun dance song, makes you get funky with head banging rock, “Replace Me” is the most theological song on the album about being broken into pieces and having the Lord “Replace Me” and make me new, “Peachy” is a very cute and nice song to tap your foot along with, I feel so peachy. The best thing I like about this album it it’s diversity. Each track is different from the last. The music is professionally performed and yet you can tellFF5 had a ball recording it. It give it four and a half stars out of five.

Please check out the video below for “Kountry Gentleman” and shut yo mouth.

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