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Post Tenebras Lux

Post Tenebras Lux is the motto coined by John Calvin way back in the Church reformation heyday. The phrase simply means “After Darkness, Light”. I heard this term again today in Dr. Albert calvins pulpitMohler’sDaily Briefing“. The “Daily Briefing” is a daily worldview analysis about the leading news headlines and cultural conversations.

Anyway, the phrase “post tenebras lux” reminded me of a wonderful video I had seen a few years with John Piper, shot in Geneva as he walks around many of the reformation sites there. He gives the viewer a wonderful history lesson. I wanted to share that with my readers today.




The End of Prohibition

Yesterday, December 5th, 2013, marked the 80th anniversary of the end of, what is commonly referred to as,  prohibition repealthe “Prohibition Era”. I was reminded of this anniversary while listening to Dr. Albert Mohler’s daily podcast called “The Briefing”. Dr. Mohler referred to a story from The Huffington Post about the past prohibition of alcohol and pointed toward a discussion on how it’s time to seriously end the prohibition on other drugs as well. Mainly marijuana.

Regardless of where you stand on these issues, I’m sure you would affirm that alcohol and marijuana have had a major impact on our culture. I have had several conversations in the recent past concerning the legalization of marijuana and it’s comparison to alcoholic beverages. Some I’ve talked to think it would be a good idea to legalize all illegal drugs. Their argument tends to point to the gangs and related activities during the alcohol prohibition era, and how the repealing of Prohibition drastically minimized this gang activity.

One of the factors of post-Prohibition I’ve often wondered about is how long did Prohibition affect the culture even after the law was repealed? What were the alcohol consumption levels in the post-Prohibition world? I found a comment to address this very question after the Huff Post article and Dr. Mohler refers to it in his podcast. I quote the comment below:

So one wonders why the 18th amendment was ever passed. At least part of the reason was because drunkenness was such a problem, which led to domestic violence. Hence, many women were very much against alcohol consumption.
The amendment wasn’t a complete failure. Alcohol consumption levels dropped precipitously and were not reached again until the early 70′s.
Even after repeal, this amendment made a huge difference in people’s lives. So when seen in this light, it casts a different shadow on whether illegal drugs should be legal.

I also found another article by Dr. Jack S. Block in 2006 on public health that kind of endorses the statement from the above commenter. Believe me, I am not a “teetotaler” but it does give me food for thought on alcohol and it’s impact on our lives and culture. Again, regardless of your opinion on this issue, it makes for great discussion material. Please comment below.


Where Have All the Wild Things Gone?

This post stems from the news of the death of Maurice Sendack, the author of the, then controversial, children’s illustrated fiction “Where The Wild things Are.” “WTWTA” was published in 1963 and came into the public eye with  
mixed feelings from parents. I remember that although my parents would not allow me to read it because it represented a misbehaving child and had scary illustrations, I had fellow students and friends who had read it. I had always been curious about monsters and scary things as a child and even to some degree today. When I saw the book in the public library at six years of age, I sat down and read through it. It was truly scary with it’s monster characters who had fangs and long sharp claws. But I also remember thinking that the ending was kind of cool because Max (the lead character) ended up back at home with supper waiting. I never did tell my mother about reading that book until I was in Jr. High or early High School. By then it was fairly tame as far as subject matter goes.

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Bring the Books and Above All the Parchments

So wrote Paul to Timothy in his second letter. The text was brought to mind during a listen to an interview Dr. Albert Mohler had with Robert Darnton. Among his many positions and roles, Darnton is the director or the Harvard University Library. Which means his daily duties surround many books. The primary reason for the interview was to discuss Darton’s book “The Case for Books: Past, Present, and Future” (New York: NY Public Affairs. 2009). 

With the the future of the “codex” (from “The Gutenberg Bible” to “Tuesday”s With Morrie”) seemingly defunct due to digital media, the two men discuss Darnton’s book and the future of the traditional book. I really recommend this podcast to anyone who has a love for books and the future of books.

The Fate of the Book in the Digital Age: A Conversation with Robert Darnton

Soli Deo Gloria!


Pornography and the Male Brain: What’s Really going On?

I’ve been away for a few months and I’d like to apologize to my reader. By God’s grace alone there might be more than my one loyal reader, my lovely wife, and I apologize to them as well. My lovely wife has been prodding me to write more postings but I just haven’t been personally motivated to do so. Especially since Facebook provides a quick and easy way to post some brief thoughts. FB is nice but it doesn’t provide a very large posting media. So at my wife’ s encouragement and the added motivation from my latest commentor, I am back.

Earlier today while eating my lunch at work I listened to a recent broadcast from Dr. Albert Mohler’s radio program. The subject of the broadcast was one that has peaked my interest as one who has experienced the draw of this sinful industry in the past. Though this sin can have devasting consequences, the Lord Jesus Christ offers real hope and forgiveness to those who seek freedom from it.

The guest of Dr. Mohler’s program was Dr. William M. Struthers who has recently written a book titled “Wired For Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain“. There were three questions proposed concerning this subject by Dr. Mohler, they are as follows:

  1. Why is the male mind so attracted to pornography?
  2. What effect does it have on the male mind?
  3. Why does this matter?

These are very important questions. they are not fully answered on the radio program but the conversation does peak your interest for reading Dr. Struthers new book. There is one important piece of dialog Dr. Mohler had, and it really hit home with me. The young male response to viewing the image of a naked woman for the first time, if unchecked or misdirected, can set him up for an incorrect response to the same later in his life. Especially if the viewing is prolonged and repeated many times throughout his young life. The markers and wiring are connected in a distorted way.

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, (2 Cor. 10:5)

I would recommend this book to every male believer of Christ. In the age that we live in and the amount of visual stimulation that we encounter on a daily basis it’s necessary to understand the process that goes on in our mind.


What Women Really Want? A biblical perspective.

In the process of trying to catch up on the audio from one of my favorite call in talk shows, The Albert Mohler Program, business-woman-thinkingI came across a very interesting program from Friday September 25th this past week. In the program he commented and took calls about a recent article by columnist Maureen Dowd, a self-described feminist, in the New York Times. The title of the article was “Blue Is the New Black“. In the article Dowd points to some interesting data. She points to a survey by the General Social Survey, which has been tracking the mood of Americans since 1972, that indicates women have progressively been getting gloomier while men are getting happier. While the article doesn’t really come to any resolution for the funk women seem to be in, it does bring up some great observations. According to Dr. Mohler the article raises some questions that we should have an intellegent Christian conversation about. I agree.

One of Dowd’s observations is this:

When women stepped into male- dominated realms, they put more demands — and stress — on themselves. If they once judged themselves on looks, kids, hubbies, gardens and dinner parties, now they judge themselves on looks, kids, hubbies, gardens, dinner parties — and grad school, work, office deadlines and meshing a two-career marriage.

What this observation does is walk around a self-centeredness that is very common in our society today. Of course we know from a biblical world view the bottom factor is sinful pride, which has it’s affect on all of mankind. Aside from that, after three decades beyond the feminist revolution that promised women fulfillment, what have we really learned? What do women want, and why? What should make a woman happy or satisfied?

Dr. Mohler’s radio show is a call in show and many of his callers on this subject were women. Most of them commented about working towards a career early in their life and not finding real fulfillment until they quit the professional workplace and stayed at home to focus on the family and the home. One caller expressed when women are more driven toward a professional career they are going against what they were created for. I’m far from being an expert on women, but I have spoken with many who are godly and they all mention Proverbs 31 as a great biblical example of what a woman should want. Ultimately, as Dr. Mohler points out, the best response to the question is the gospel.

This is a great discussion that is of great importance and significance. I would encourage you to listen to the program, found at the link above and referenced at the link below.

What Women Want: A Response to Feminism


The gospel for goodness sake

In Dr. Albert Mohler’s first blog posting for the new year he brings to light a buddha18subject of vast importance. The subject is the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the posting Dr. Mohler points to a report by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life and a newspaper column by “the visual Op-Ed columnist” Charles M. Blow in The New York Times. The report indicates that many American evangelicals reject the biblical claim that Jesus is the only way of salvation. According to the report, 52% of American Christians believe that “at least some non-Christian faiths can lead to eternal life.”

I would encourage anyone who desires to stand on the one true gospel of Jesus Christ to read this posting by Dr. Mohler and pass it on to others as well. Please follow the links in Dr. Mohler’s posting, they are very informative. The “new gospel” in many evangelical cirlces in one of a “goodness” theology. God surely won’t send “good” people to hell. I would expect this from Catholicism or Mormonism, but the study is from Christian evangelicals. As Dr. Mohler points out that this is:

precisely the kind of false gospel that the church is warned in the New Testament to detect and reject with clarity and courage.

Amen to that. We should indeed be courageous in holding fast to the gospel given to us by Jesus Christ, and preached to us by His disciples. (1 Cor. 15:1-11) A time is coming and is in fact here where a false gospel is being preached. Be faithful and love the true gospel. Hold it dear as a valuable treasure. 

For goodness sake?

Soli Deo Gloria!


Step back, take a deep breath

and weigh it against the scriptures. That continuation of this post heading is from one of the rare critical comments I found as I researched “The Shack” by William P. Young. This is the newest book being heralded in the Christian community. For the most part this book is getting rave reviews. Just yesterday (June 26th) the book received 10 reviews and all but one were given the highest mark (5 stars) by the reviewer. The book has been as high as #7 of the top selling books on The book is hugely popular. It currently has over 680 reviews, with 527 of them ranking it 5 stars.

As a Christian I have seen many books get heralded as the next new great thing to bring you closer to God. To mention a few: “The Purpose Driven Life”, “The Prayer of Jabez”, “Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper”, “Wild At Heart”, “The Ragamuffin Gospel”. Each of these were gobbled up by the Christian community. Are we that desperate and thirsty to know God outside of His word? Do we abandon everything we know or don’t know about who God is as written in scripture? Someone explain to me why we latch on to what a man has written above what is found in the God breathed scripture. Why do we not step back, take a deep breath, and weigh the book against scripture?

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Modern day Nineveh’s

Do you live in a modern day Nineveh? Perhaps you might, according to Forbes magazine. Dr. Albert Mohler just posted an interesting article to his blog site on the subject of the most sinful cities in America. I was grateful to see that Omaha and Wahoo didn’t make the list. Although I think Wahoo might give a run at the most bars per population, if they had a category for that. Check out the article and see how the list was derived and see if your city made the list.

America’s most sinful cities?

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Boys to Men


Lately I have been busy and haven’t had the time to listen to the Albert Mohler radio show. This is a show I would recommend to anyone interested in growing spiritually and how our Christian life interacts with our culture. Today as I looked up some of his previous shows I found one that was broadcast over a week ago called “Raising Boys To Be Men“. This one attracted me because my wife and I are parents to now, four adult men. We have struggled over the years to raise them to become godly men. So needless to say these topics often attract me. Especially if they have strong credibility such Dr. Mohler

The program was broadcast on January 24th, and Dr. Mohler’s guest was Col. Shane Blanton, President of Chamberlain-Hunt Academy. Chamberlain-Hunt Academy is a Christian based military academy for boys in grades 7 through 12.  On the show they discuss the transition of boy to manhood and how to teach and train them to be mature and godly. The program is very beneficial to anyone who is trying to raise boys. Especially since we live in a culture that is luring them in the opposite direction. I have included the link above and below.

Raising Boys To Be Men 

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